Shaq’s Twitter Plan Foiled

His coach, to O’Neal’s endless dissapointment, knew (and didn’t care) that he was going to Tweet at halftime against the Wizards: “And sure enough, a brief message was posted on Shaq’s feed before the third quarter. ‘Shhhhhhh,’ it read. It was the same message O’Neal delivered when asked about his Twitter plans before the game. When told Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry already knew about it, O’Neal bent over, leaned against the locker-room wall and groaned loudly, saying his plans were blown. ‘I was going to do it and not get in trouble, then brag about not getting in trouble,’ O’Neal said. Gentry, when asked about O’Neal’s plans before the game, said he didn’t care. ‘As long as he gets 25 (points) and 11 (rebounds), he can do whatever he wants. He can Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,’ said Gentry, who also has a Twitter account set up by his daughter.”