Shaquille O’Neal Gives NBA GMs a Failing Grade

by October 25, 2010

Perhaps it’s a way for him to slyly campaign for one of the 30 GM gigs across the League, but O’Neal says these guys have to do a better job. From the Boston Globe: “I can tell you there are some franchises that I know of that are not making money because they don’t have the players, and in the economy that we’re living in, I understand,’ O’Neal said. ‘But also general managers have to start taking responsibility, too.’ O’Neal questioned whether some GMs were making prudent decisions when it came to payroll. ‘Some of these guys they’re paying $20 million to … If I’m running the business and my payroll’s too high and I’m not bringing enough money in, then that’s me,’ O’Neal said. ‘It’s not the owner, it’s the general manager or the [chief financial officer], because they have to take some of the responsibility because it’s their payroll. I know there are franchises not making money. This franchise, the Lakers, Orlando and Miami, we don’t have to worry about it, because we’re still under the cap. But other franchises, they don’t have that and I understand that.'”