Shaun Livingston: ‘My Knee is Probably About 80 to 90 Percent’

by December 28, 2011

It sounds like Shaun Livingston’s in a good place. Via the Journal Times: “In the Bucks’ season-opening loss to Charlotte Monday night, Livingston played 35 minutes and scored 14 points, connecting on 6 of 10 field goals. He also had six assists and four rebounds. Tuesday night, in the Bucks’ home opener against Minnesota, Livingston turned in another quality performance and scored four points. It’s unreasonable to expect Livingston, now 26, to produce at a high level all season. He is, after all, still not fully recovered. He probably never will be. ‘My knee is probably about 80 to 90 percent of what it was before the injury,’ Livingston said. ‘To me, I feel I’ve peaked. I’m at a point now where I don’t feel my leg is going to give out. My leg doesn’t get tired before the rest of my body gets tired now. I just might not be able to move at the same gear that I used to move it, but I feel I can be a good player and contribute a lot.'”