Sheed: ‘I Ain’t Changing Nothing for Nobody’

by December 21, 2009

Doc Rivers can try all the anger management he wants, but Rasheed ain’t changing a thing. He truly is the best: “Wallace said he will not alter his game to try to prevent being called for technical fouls. In fact, he was not happy with how close referee Bill Kennedy stood near the Celtics bench during timeouts. Wallace was ejected by Kennedy during a timeout in the second quarter. ‘If they’re standing right near our huddle trying to stick their ear or nose in there, then yeah, they’re going to hear some stuff,’ he said. ‘That’s exactly what it was. When have you ever seen somebody – a ref – standing over there that close to our bench during a timeout. You already know what it is. I ain’t tripping.’ Wallace later added, ‘I’ll still play my game. I’ll still be me. I ain’t changing my game for nobody. I ain’t changing nothing for nobody.”’