Should the NBA Shorten the Regular Season?

by Marcel Mutoni

The League’s regular season, in reality, lasts about 6 months, but it feels a lot longer than that. And that’s coming from someone who never suits up. Imagine how the players must feel.

Evidently, some of them agree that the entire affair drags on for far too long, and would like to see it cut down some. And some would even accept a pay cut to make it happen.

USA Today reports:

Any reduction of games would require a requisite cutback of salaries. No problem, says Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen, who is making $17.4 million this season.

“I’d give some of my check back,” he says. “And I venture to say the quality of the games would go up another notch.”

Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy would take the corresponding pay cut, “because it might add years to the end of your career.”

And that’s an important point, according to Celtics forward Paul Pierce. “You look at some guys. After they’re done playing, they can barely walk.”

Naturally, there’s a flipside to this, as some players say they enjoy playing the full 82 (and the hefty paycheck that comes along with that sched.)

While still largely unlikely, what do you guys think, should the League seriously think about altering its schedule?