Sin City underaged!

Let me tell you why its hott! Its not cause I’m fly, it’s because Vegas was well over 100 degrees this weekend. Gees. Talk about a warm welcome from the beautiful people of Vegas, or should I say Brooklyn. That’s right Brooklyn N.Y was deep as hell in LV. At least 8 out 10 random people I met out there were from Brooklyn, which makes perfect sense actually, since everyone who live in Brooklyn isn’t from Brooklyn I finally found out where they all went. I met ex cop’s turned cab drivers, student’s turned cabaret dancer, and a loser to a hotel manager who gave me the ill hook up. Damn you never know what to expect in Vegas!
If your wondering why ya boy was in Vegas let me help you answer that. Another one of those fencing world cups was held at the Orleans this past weekend and I participated in the festivities. It was a success; Jigga man came through and took a gold medal back home to china…
Oh you thought I meant Shawn Cater? Naw I was talking bout JZ Wang of Beijing.
My man Keeth Smart held it down once again for the U.S locking down a spot for his third Olympic team.
Unfortunately my success was cut short that day. Maybe it was because my mind was on checking out “Epic” where I got some never before seen Creative Recreations, and also the hottest sneaker spot in Las Vegas (in fact the only spot in Nevada that sells BBC/ice cream clothing so you might want to jump on that sooner than later)? Could it have been the cat out of New Jersey by way of Brooklyn “A.D.H” I saw in concert (More on that dude later he’s the next big thing trust me)? Or was I thinking about the fake breast and expensive cab rides that were going to fulfill my evening. Whatever it was it wasn’t fencing!
This was my first time out there but it def will not be the last. I didn’t get to paint the town red like you are suppose to in Vegas because I’m not 21 just yet. But what is a youngin to do in this town? Well if you are as fly as me you’ll probably be looking for some exclusive clothes and sneakers. But wait! Before I get into that I want to tell you a story.
I took a 10minute cab ride to go check out Epic the sneaker spot I mentioned earlier. It was right off the strip so I called a cab and headed over there. I got in and the meter was on $3.20, the cab driver mad a U turn and that damn meter was on $4.20, he drove an few more feet and it was on $4.60 we didn’t even get off the block off my hotel and the meter has gone up almost 2 dollars. This is sum Bull $h!+ ! The ride was no longer than a mile and a half, he got on the expressway and got off 2 exits later but the ride was $16.40 so I gave the guy a 20 and he decides that he’s only going to give me 3 dollars back so I say ok thanks. I take his card and get out. I go handle my Business in Epic and then I call the cabbie and here is how our conversation went.

Cabbie: I’m on the other side of town right now and I’m not coming to get you for a 60-cent tip, wave someone down on the street! We work for tips you know, you should give them.

Me: well maybe if you did something extra for a tip I’d give you one. And maybe if you didn’t take your own damn tip I would’ve gave you a bigger tip

Cabbie: oh really if I gave you your change you would’ve gave me a dollar tip, big spender you are. You damn New Yorkers are so F- ing cheap!

Me: you got some nerve F you buddy!

What a jerk, but back to shopping. I dropped the gem on epic earlier but I didn’t mention their brother store Steele in the fashion show mall (which might possibly be the greatest mall on earth). Steele gets two thumbs up for prices, exclusive-ness, and selection, it sort of reminded me of Stussy with more brands. I also had time to check out the Las Vegas outlets to see if I could find a diamond in the ruff and to be completely honest I was a little disappointed. Though I did find one gem in the Nike outlet (Mavrk low, burgundy and canary) the overall selection was really whack for all sizes. Adidas outlet wasn’t that much better I found a pair of rare crazy 8’s but nothing to rave about. I was very disappointed!
My only problem with Vegas is there aren’t enough spots for the 18 and over crowd. Even though I hate to party with that crowd it sucks if your not 21. And I don’t get why I have to be 21 to get in to a club when all the people who are inside end up acting like irresponsible adolescents anyway. If you had relatives out in Vegas this weekend chances are I passed them on strip while they were being loud and inappropriate. Women from the age of 18- 40, were hit on left and right. There was breast galore (real and fake) hanging out like it was Sunday afternoon. And men of all ages and races drunk as a fish, but the teens and 20yrs olds are the ones who are immature and not responsible.

Yeah sure!
So now that I have popped my Vegas cherry I have come to the conclusion that Vegas is run on boobs, liquor, and bright lights. And I’ll definitely be back in December with lots of cash to spend on cabs and exclusive sneaks.