Sir Charles on Steroids in Sports

Barkley gives his typically unique and hilarious take on the situation: “First of all, I don’t care to be honest with you. It’s funny how the public wants to think that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I grew up on welfare in Alabama. If somebody told me that they could stick something in my ass to get me making 100 or 200 million dollars, I’m gonna be the first in line.  First of all, this stuff wasn’t illegal at the time. They weren’t even testing for it supposedly. If I could take a needle and start making 15 or 20 million dollars a year, of course I would do it. It bothers me when everybody wants to act like they’re so sanctimonious and so martyr. If some of these people are out there at the job and they know like I can get an injection, they’re not testing for it, it’s not illegal and I can make 10 or 20 million dollars a year or 2 to 300 million dollars of course they would do it!”