Sit Next to the Maloofs in Coach on Your Next Flight

The crap-tacular economy is affecting everyone, it seems: “The Maloofs are flying commercial. That’s right, the Kings’ co-owners are done with the pricey, private jets and are bouncing in and out of airports with the rest of us when traveling from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Las Vegas and wherever else their endeavors take them. And from what I’m told, their airline of choice is Southwest. On the downside, the security lines, baggage claim delays and tightly compacted seats certainly elicit some culture shock. But there is a positive that I can attest to, as enough flights on Southwest earns you an annual companion pass and – alas! – more savings. So long as Joe and Gavin fly together, of course. What’s more, the Maloofs have yet to make any layoffs in these tough economic times. That’s more than most struggling companies can say.”