Sixers Lose After Attending Lil Wayne Concert

by March 28, 2011

There’s nothing wrong with hitting up the Lil Wayne show when Weezy and friends come to town, but maybe the night before a game isn’t the best time to do so. Via the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Lou Williams wasn’t alone in having a subpar game Sunday. He shot just 1 for 12, although the one basket was a three-pointer at the end of regulation that sent the game into overtime. Williams was at a loss for an answer as to why the team didn’t play well, although he did mention attending a concert on Saturday night. ‘It was a combination of things, and it doesn’t seem we came out ready to play,’ he said. ‘We took a chance last night by going to the Lil Wayne concert.’ Williams did not say which teammates attended Saturday’s concert at the Wells Fargo Center. ‘There were guys who went to the concert who played well, and guys who went who didn’t play well,’ he said. ‘For me it was a bad day at the office. Now we have to get ready for the next game.'”