Send Us Pics of Our New Issue With the Hashtag #mySLAM

Send us photos of your issue + tag them #mySLAM!

As you should already know, SLAM 173 is on sale now. That means depending on where you live, those of you who are subscribers should be receiving your copy this or next week (perhaps today!), while those of you who pick up each issue at newsstands can do so immediately. Our NBA preview issue hitting the hands of readers during opening week of the NBA season? Pretty perfect timing, if we may say so ourselves.

With each issue we release, we tend to get tons of messages on Instagram and Twitter from readers sending us photos of their new ish. Those messages are awesome, and we love getting them, and, frankly: We want more.

So send us them! Post pics of your copy of the Stephen Curry-covered SLAM 173 on either of the social media services listed above, and give us some context of where you’ll be reading it—we want to see photos of you with your issue, or of the mag alone with your reading environment in the background.

Use the hashtag #mySLAM with your pics so we’re able to easily find them. We’ll choose one of our favorite #mySLAM photos and make it the Instagram or Tweet of the Month in SLAM 174, which drops in late November.