Slamadamonth, SLAM #125: Dwyane Wade

by January 06, 2014

dwyane wade

Originally published in SLAM 125

Dwyane Wade steered the Miami Heat team bus onto Biscayne Boulevard, contemplating the loneliness the MVP-level off-guard was feeling. I am the pick and the roll, the alley and the oop, he thought. The All Alone 3 for the new millennium. It’s me against the world. And the Bobcats.

The thought came to him again as he sat in the trainer’s room, taping his own ankles. And while he ran his comp tickets and visitor passes to the will-call window. And again as he wrote up the instructions for defense and offense on the dry erase board: Dwyane: Look to push after missed shots, throw and catch outlets. Also make sure to switch and stay on P & R. Bus at 10:30 (the keys are in your locker, thanks).

Gametime. Wade took to the court both first and last, introducing himself dramatically via the wireless mic in the collar of his jersey. A subtle gesture brought the lights back up. He won the tip, flicked the ball to himself, found himself open in the corner for a jumper. He got himself going early, an easy enough task. He knew his game like it was his own.

Then, late in the game, corralling a defensive rebound underneath the hoop, setting up the offense, spreading the floor, taking note that Emeka Okafor was preparing for any eventuality.

As if.

Russ Bengtson