Slamadamonth, SLAM #165: Byron Mullens

byron mullens

Originally published in SLAM 165

Since his halcyon HS days, BJ Mullens wanted to be a superstar, a household name. He went to Ohio State for a year, got drafted by the Mavs, then shipped to the Thunder. Mullens, KD, Westbrook and Harden! He was on his way! Well, something like that.

It was a nice thought while it lasted. Mullens played in 26 games during his two seasons in OKC and his biggest move was declaring that he would now go by “Byron” instead of “BJ.” The closest he got to the Westbrook, Durant, Harden trio was allowing them to use his name at hotels when they didn’t want to be bothered. In December ’11, he was traded to the Bobcats.

But in Charlotte, something happened. Tucked away in NBA obscurity, Mullens began to blossom. He got his first start, his first 20- and 30-point games. And against the Trail Blazers, off his own missed three, he raced in and threw the miss down over a startled LaMarcus Aldridge. It’s a start.

Russ Bengtson