Slamadamonth, SLAM #55: Jason Terry

Originally published in SLAM 55

To: The SLAMDome

From: Whitaker, Lang

Re: JT’s All-Star Game, ATL

Yo. So I just got back from the Jason Terry/United Negro College Fund All-Star Game. Can you believe the Atlanta Ritz-Carlton was nearly booked? I guess this deluxe penthouse floor will have to do. Anyway, worth noting from the game:

—Good turnout (GP, D-Miles, Sam Cassell, Quentin Richardson, Van Exel, Shawn Marion, Jermaine O’Neal, Mike Miller, Derek Anderson, Stoudamire), all recruited personally by Jason Terry, and about 7,000 fans. Shareef wasn’t around because he’s on his pilgrimage to Mecca this summer.

—The Human Highlight Film needs some editing. Dominique played about 25 minutes today and looked more tarnished than the brass on Antiques Roadshow. He missed the first few dunks, but finally got a few to go down (including a fresh underhand oop from JT). He’s still my boy, though.

—You know how great the Hawks PR guys are (Arthur and Jon). They had me front row, midcourt, and I got pretty much every dunk on the Sony Mini DV. We can put it all on

—As these All-Star games usually are, it was all dunking. Darius and Jermaine had some sick ones (I’ll show you video when I get back), but Jason shocked me with his ups. I’ve attached a picture and video clip (see above) of a no-look oop that Oakley threw too high and Jason somehow boomed.

Anyway, my man Coop says there’s an after-party at Club Deux Plex. I’ll try to roll through, though I’ve got a reservation tonight at Seeger’s in Buckhead ($400 per—don’t tell Dennis, but I’m gonna expense it). The Gulfstream leaves tomorrow at 7:30 a.m., so I’ll be back in the SLAMDome before lunch. Later.

Lang Whitaker