Some afternoon blogs

By Sam Rubenstein

Cube stretchMark Cuban is the new Ted Turner? Even when he was colorizng classic black and white films, Ted never created an image as disturbing as that picture of Cuban. If you’re looking to get rich, Mark is giving out jobs if you can get people to go to the movies on a much tighter marketing budget. If there’s a SLAM reader out there that gets this job, I’m willing to be your paid consultant.

Farlane creates an artistic representation of that timeless question: Is David Stern a tyrant or a dictator? Wait, isn’t that the same thing. Oh.

A Blazers fan asks, will you be mad if Bassy goes on to succeed in Boston? He’s in a great situation, so be ready to answer that very question.

Here’s someone that’s upset at LeBron for focusing too much on marketing himself with mega corporations and calling him a corporate lap dog.

The Mavs traded a 50 year old rarely-used point guard for maybe the best backup PG in the league, who finished off his season by scoring 40 against Jason Kidd. I’d say Dallas came out on top of this trade.

We’ve got a new poll up on the right side of slamonline. Me and Lang both forgot about Bonzi Wells. The only reason I’m mentioning that is because Sactown Royalty is wondering what the hell is going on with him. Honestly, I totally forgot he was even out there.

So, apparently Steph was given a mic during a Knicks summer league game and it led to some, uh, interesting statements. The names Ghandi and Malcolm X are part of the conversation.

Finally, the NBA has decided it doesn’t need to force the Miami-L.A. game on Christmas Day. Actually I’m lying. That’s exactly what they’re doing.