Son of L.A. Lakers’ Owner Arrested for Alcohol Intoxication

by December 04, 2011

According to WDRB, a television station in Kentucky, Jesse Buss, son of L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss, was found late Thursday night laying on the ground in Lexington. He was then picked up and arrested for Alcohol Intoxication. Some more details, courtesy of WDRB’s report: “23-year-old Jesse Buss was arrested Friday morning in Lexington and charged with Alcohol Intoxication. Buss is the son of L.A. Lakers’ owner, Jerry Buss and is considered to be one of the future leaders of the Lakers’ organization. Lexington Jail officials say Buss has bonded out of jail. Lexington Police were called to the area of South Broadway and W. Maxwell Street around 3:39 Friday morning for a report of a man laying on the ground. That’s where officials say Buss was picked up and charged. Sources tell WDRB he was demanding preferential treatment and told officers he was the son of Jerry Buss.”

(H/T: PBT)