Spike Lee: ‘Don’t Even Try to Compare’ Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan

New York Knicks über-fan Spike Lee gives it up to Stephen Curry and the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors, but Spike says that Michael Jordan and the record-setting, 72-win 1995-96 Chicago Bulls remain the gold standard.

Lee looked on from his familiar courtside perch as the Dubs beat his beloved Knicks 115-96 last Sunday, and says that it’s premature to make any Curry/ MJ comparisons.

Spike argues that Golden State must repeat as champs this season to truly be considered an all-time squad.

Per the NY Daily News:

As popular and unique as Stephen Curry has become, the man associated with the most successful marketing campaign in sports history says the Warriors point guard has a long way to go until he reaches the pinnacle of sports business. “He’s a great player, but Brand Jordan is a $5 billion dollar company, baby,” Spike Lee said. “Don’t even try to compare.”


“What (Curry’s) doing is great. I have no criticism. I love his game. I love his father (former Hornets guard Dell Curry),” Lee said.


“He used to kill the Knicks. But when people start comparing him to Michael Jordan, there’s only one Jordan. Slow the roll. Take a chill. […] That Bulls team won a championship. There’s no guarantee. There’s no guarantee that if the Warriors meet San Antonio in the conference finals somebody doesn’t get hurt.”


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