Spike Lee Helped Recruit Tyson Chandler to New York

by December 19, 2011

Spike Lee, the Knicks’ biggest fan/unofficial mascot is always trying to convince star players to join his beloved squad, and his pitch seems to have worked when it comes to Tyson Chandler. Per the NY Post: “Give Knicks superfan Spike Lee credit for planting the seed in Tyson Chandler’s mind last season. Lee, who has become tight with the Knicks front office and attends periodic practices, chatted up Chandler before the Dallas game in early February last season. ‘Last year he was trying to convince me to come here in free agency as if he was the general manager or owner,’ Chandler revealed. ‘We were talking before the game. I said, ‘Look, Spike, right now I’m a Maverick and chasing a dream, trying to go for a title. Free agency is the furthest thing from my mind.’ He definitely was planting that seed.'”