Spike Lee: ‘I’ll Pack Phil’s Bags for Him’

by February 09, 2017

Spike Lee is on Carmelo Anthony’s side in his ongoing feud with team president Phil Jackson.

The New York Knicks’ most visible fan says it’s time for Phil to vacate the Madison Square Garden premises.

Melo continues to take the high road, and armed with a no-trade clause, seems determined to outlast Jackson in Gotham:

“I’ll pack Phil’s bags for him,” Lee told Tencent-ESPN’s Steve Zeng. “I think I still believe in Carmelo, but Phil Jackson is making it very difficult for him,” Lee said on Wednesday.


(Jeff) Hornacek has acknowledged that the trade talks were initially a bit of a distraction to players. He said Wednesday that Jackson’s tweet was another distraction but said he didn’t believe it sidetracked the Knicks, who are now 22-32.


Anthony largely shrugged off Jackson’s latest barbs after the Knicks’ loss to the Clippers, saying he didn’t care to ask Jackson’s motivation and was focused on trying to win games. […] “I told you once, I’ll tell you again, I’m in that building every day,” Anthony said. “Until something is said to me directly, then I’m not going to feed into it.”