Spurs Guard TJ Ford Retires

by March 12, 2012

Earlier this afternoon, TJ Ford took to Twitter to officially announce his retirement. “Thanks to all my fans who follow my career since a kid from all over the world. Basketball has been great to me & my family for 28yrs,” Ford said. “It’s official “I Retire from the NBA” as of today.”

Jeff McDonald has the full story: “It wasn’t until Wednesday night, when he found himself face down on the AT&T Center court after taking an otherwise non-descript blow to his upper back, that Ford finally saw the rest of his life clearly for the first time. It was then he decided it was time to walk away, while he still could walk at all. ‘That’s not the first time I’ve laid down on the court and not been able to move at my will,’ Ford, 28, said Monday morning, announcing his retirement after Spurs shootaround. ‘I thought I needed to get out while I still had a chance.’ Diagnosed as a teenager with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column, Ford always knew he was playing on borrowed time.”