Stan Van Gundy Finds the Orlando Magic’s Way of Losing ‘Shocking’

by March 29, 2012

It’s not just last night’s 22-point beatdown in New York that boggles Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy’s mind, it’s the fact that his team seems to get spanked as many times as it does. From the Orlando Sentinel: “The Orlando Magic own the fifth-best record in the NBA, and yet on too many nights this season, they have played terribly. They played without any passion Wednesday night and they paid an all-too-familiar price. The New York Knicks administered a 108-86 drubbing in which the Magic trailed by as many as 39 points and looked inept on offense. ‘What’s shocking to me is that a team that’s playing over .600 basketball can get absolutely rocked as many times as we have been,’ coach Stan Van Gundy said. ‘Boston, New Orleans, Chicago, tonight — that’s what’s mind-boggling to me. It’ll happen every once in a while if you’re a bad team. To be a .600 team and get crushed like that as many times as we have? That’s shocking.'”