Stan Van Gundy: Gilbert Arenas Struggling With Me

by January 20, 2011

SVG blames Gil‘s struggles in Orlando on his trouble adjusting to his demanding head coach. From the Sentinel: “He’s struggling right now, and I think right now, quite honestly, the biggest thing that he’s struggling with right now is me,’ Van Gundy answered. ‘I don’t think that’s necessarily an easy adjustment for anybody, but for a point guard, I think it’s tough. When Rafer [Alston] came in midseason [in 2008-09], he had played for me before. And, so, he know I was a [jerk], and he was used to it. I only say that half-jokingly. He knew what it was going to be like and the whole thing. And I’m harder on point guards than anybody else. I’m sure Jameer [Nelson] could vouch for that. Here’s what I think happened. If you really look at it, when he [Gilbert] came right in, he was playing well because we weren’t putting a lot on him. He was just playing. He was playing well. He was playing free. And the more expectations I’ve put on him and the harder I’ve been and a little bit quicker hook and all of that, it’s been hard on him. I think a good part of that is … my responsibility. And he and I have to, I think, sit down and talk and try to get a better understanding of each other and what’s going on, because right now I think Gil’s not playing with a great deal of enthusiasm. I don’t think he’s enjoying playing. And I think the way I’m coaching him is a big reason.'”