Stan Van Gundy to Reggie Jackson: ‘We’re Not Trading You For Ricky Rubio’

by January 22, 2017

Last week, a report popped up that the Pistons and Timberwolves were discussing a Reggie Jackson for Ricky Rubio trade. Yesterday, Stan Van Gundy held court with the media and called the rumor “bullshit.”

Launching into a speech, SVG did not deny that conversations regarding trades occurred, but said that he texted Jackson “this is the crazy season. We’re not trading you for Ricky Rubio.”

More from MLive:

“I’m not denying that the discussion took place — they take place all the time, but that’s a lot different than consideration,” Van Gundy said. “And clearly, we didn’t make that move. If we want to report on all those …


“Well, we wanted to see if Cleveland would go (Michael) Gbinije for LeBron. That discussion took place. It took place. If I ask about a guy, that discussion took place. It’s all so much bullshit.”

Van Gundy acknowledged that trade rumors come with the territory of the business and that GMs have “10 to 15 discussions a day,” so it’s likely that the Jackson-Rubio scenario came up at some point:

“Around the league, every GM is having 10 to 15 discussions a day,” Van Gundy said. “So, did somebody mention any specific trade you have? The answer is probably yes. That doesn’t mean it’s considered or anything else.


“I texted Reggie and just said, ‘This is crazy season and we’re not trading you for Ricky Rubio.’ That was it. I don’t normally address it, but the fact that it was out there and it concerned his agent enough to call, I addressed it.” 

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