Stan Van Gundy Says the Orlando Magic Should Retire Dwight Howard’s Jersey

by March 11, 2013

Dwight Howard’s old coach, the guy who he got fired in Orlando, continues to stick up for him. Stan Van Gundy and his brother Jeff both think the Magic should hang Howard’s jersey up in the rafters of their gym. (What? Dwight said he’s sorry for everything!) Per the Orlando Sentinel: “Not only does former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy think Orlando fans should cheer Dwight Howard upon his return to Orlando Tuesday night, he believes the Magic should consider retiring the jerseys of Dwight AND Shaquille O’Neal. Van Gundy echoed the stance of his brother Jeff, an ABC/ESPN analyst who said on the broadcast of the Lakers-Bulls game Sunday that he believes the Magic should consider immortalizing Dwight’s No. 12 and Shaq’s No. 32. ‘They are the two best players in the history of the organization,’ Stan said. ‘If you’re not going to retire their numbers then whose numbers are you going to retire? Maybe you don’t have to retire any numbers, but to me, yeah, if you’re going to retire any numbers, those would have to be the first two.’ […] ‘I think he should be greeted very well (by Magic fans),’ Stan said. ‘He had eight very good years here. … While he was here, he did a great job for the organization and took it to unprecedented heights. I would think the fans should reward that and give him a very nice ovation.'”