Stan Van Gundy: ‘We’re Just Bad All the Way Around’

by March 24, 2017

Stan Van Gundy is not one to mince words.

The Detroit Pistons’ team president and head coach readily admitted that his team is awful Wednesday night, letting off some steam following a 117-95 loss to the Chicago Bulls.

The Pistons are currently a game back of the Miami Heat for the eighth and final Playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.


“The message I gave them is, ‘Look, we got 10 games left,” he said. “And if we don’t change the way we’re playing, this is going to get really, really ugly.


“We didn’t defend at any point in the second half. We didn’t defend much in the first half, either. Just really disappointing. We were 33-33, got tied, back to .500 after that New York game [on March 11], ran into a buzz saw in Cleveland [three nights later], and that’s it. We haven’t bounced back. It’s like we took that one hit and have not recovered at all. Have not played a decent game since then. This is six bad games in a row.”


“Right now, we don’t have a lot of life in us, and we got to find some by Friday,” Van Gundy added. “It’s just not one position, either. We’re just not playing. We’re not. We’re just bad all the way around.”