Stan Van Gundy’s Media War

Stan is not only trying to coach to a historic Playoff comeback, but he’s also battling a member of the ESPN machine. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “Washington Post columnist and ESPN NBA analyst Michael Wilbon did not take kindly to the comments of Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy Wednesday afternoon. Stan Van Gundy questioned the integrity of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption after Michael Wilbon said on Dan Le Batard’s radio show he heard rumblings about Van Gundy potentially being fired if the Magic don’t win the Eastern Conference Finals series against the Boston Celtics. ‘He must not know that David Stern has been on our show many times and gets criticized many times. But he also gets praised. Terrell Owens, who I’ve probably been more critical of than any other athlete, has come on our show. Dwight Howard, who is a favorite guest because he’s a great guest, has been kind enough to come on regardless of being criticized or praised,’ Michael Wilbon said in a phone interview. ‘He may want to check his facts first before he shoots off his mouth. He can criticize me, I’m not above taking it publicly, but he may want to get his facts straight. And I will tell him that when I see him.’ Michael Wilbon added, ‘There’s no deal in place that if you come on our show, you don’t get criticized. Charles Barkley is one of my close friends and there’s praise for Charles and we have to criticize Charles. Larry Brown, same thing. Mike Brown was just on the show and we had to criticize him after the playoffs. I don’t know where that comes from and before [Stan Van Gundy] questions my integrity, he needs to check his facts.”’