Steph Curry Calls Playing Against the Spurs ‘Surreal’

by May 07, 2013

Despite yet another otherworldly shooting display, Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors watched the San Antonio Spurs roar back and ultimately break their hearts in the series opener last night. Curry realizes that despite his own heroics, beating the Spurs remains a very daunting task. Per Yahoo! Sports: “Stephen Curry had gone for 44 points, had gone within a whisper of Kobe Bryant’s playoff record of 45 on the Spurs. Curry had gone wild on the Spurs, but he wouldn’t get the final shot, nor the final word on Monday night. ‘Yeah, I’ll be thinking about the one I didn’t get to take,’ Curry said. ‘You always want that one more opportunity.’ Out of the timeout, the Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard wrapped his arms around Curry and refused to let him come over the screen and catch an inbounds pass. The Warriors protested, but as one team official said, ‘You’re never getting that call against them.’ After another timeout, the Spurs clustered on Curry, and the ball found its way to Jarrett Jack for a stumbling, off-balance miss that left the Warriors despondent 129-127 Game 1 losers in the Western Conference semifinals. ‘This freaking game,’ Curry mumbled to no one in the losing locker room. […] When it was over, Curry walked down the corridor to his news conference and politely shut down a team official trying to console him with context. ‘Don’t blame the age,’ Curry told him. […] ‘I know who I’m playing against here,’ Curry said. ‘I’ve been a fan of basketball since my dad was playing, and these guys here – the Spurs – they’ve been champions. They’ve been on this stage so many times. I have confidence in myself, but I mean, this is different against them. This is … surreal.'”