Steph Curry on Ty Lawson’s ‘Just Chillin’ Comment: ‘It’s Funny’

Earlier this week, new Houston Rockets point guard Ty Lawson told Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports that watching the Western Conference Finals, he couldn’t help but notice that Stephen Curry was coasting on D, since he didn’t have to exert energy—at least in Lawson’s mind—on the defensive end chasing around a PG.

“I thought Steph was just chillin’ on defense – and then going crazy on offense,” Lawson said. Naturally, the folks in Oakland took the quote to Curry, and he responded by saying simply, “It’s funny.” No other comment.

From Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle:

New Houston point guard Ty Lawson told Yahoo Sports that he wanted to play for the Rockets, partly because Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was coasting.


“Steph Curry needed someone to go back at him,” Lawson said. “I thought Steph was just chillin’ on defense – and then going crazy on offense. He looked like he was just putting shots up and not working so much on the defensive end. He would just come down and hit three or four 3s. He can shoot when he’s got his legs under him.”


Curry’s first public response to Lawson’s comments was more of a reaction than a quote. After Saturday’s practice, the Warriors’ point guard initally looked down and laughed.


Finally, he offered: “It’s funny. That’s all I’ve got to say. It’s funny.”