Stephen Curry Attempting to Become the Best Point Guard in the NBA

by August 18, 2014

Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Stephen Curry certainly doesn’t lack any self-confidence. Curry, 26, says his goal is to be the NBA’s greatest floor general. Per CBS Sports Radio:

“I’m trying to establish myself as the best point guard in the league,” Curry said. “That quest for a championship is something that I value highly. As an organization, Golden State hasn’t experienced that since the ’70s. Right now, I feel like we’re contending for that and have a solid window to try to get that done. So that’s my mission. Personal (accolades) will (only be) a part of that mission.”


Did we mention that Curry is fully healthy? […] “I had two ankle surgeries and I’ve finally been able to battle back from that,” he said. “I’m just trying to continue to do more and get better.”


New Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who knows a thing or two about shooting and winning, should be able to help. Kerr replaced Mark Jackson, who was fired in May despite leading Golden State to one of its best seasons in franchise history. […] “There was a little transition period (after) Coach Jackson (was) let go so soon after our playoff run,” Curry said. “But Coach Kerr has great experience as a winner, playing for two great head coaches in Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. The systems and the preparation he’s going to try to put in . . . will utilize the talents we have (on) the roster. Training camp’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be fun.”