Stephen Curry Happy Klay Thompson Wasn’t Traded for Kevin Love

by August 12, 2014

The Golden State Warriors’ refusal to give up Klay Thompson for Kevin Love was a deal breaker.

With Love now headed to Cleveland, Stephen Curry says he’s thrilled the Dubs kept his fellow backcourt sniper.

Per CSN Bay Area (via the Dan Patrick Show):

On May 29, amid swirling rumors that the Warriors were reportedly contemplating trading Klay Thompson to Minnesota for power forward Kevin Love, Stephen Curry let it be known he didn’t want Thompson to be dealt. […] “I definitely want him to continue to be my backcourt mate and keep pushing,” Curry said.


Patrick: “How often did you talk to Klay Thompson about the possibility that he could be traded for Kevin Love?” Curry: “A few times, just to see where his head’s at. He actually took it pretty well … Obviously, our trade didn’t go through and it didn’t happen and they are keeping our core intact. I know he’s pretty happy with how things turned out.”


“Yeah, (management) asked for my opinion … It’s just a matter of if you think that move would make you better as a team. I didn’t have an answer for it ‘cuz you’d be giving up a lot to get him. But, uh, you know, not my decision.” […] “I don’t think you can give up Klay to make that happen. We have such a good core together. You got David Lee, Andrew Bogut … We were a great team last year. Put the same core together another year, we gotta get better, right? That’s the mission. I gotta hopefully prove that message right this year.”