Stephen Curry: Warriors Put Emphasis on ‘Playing With Joy’

by April 17, 2017
stephen curry joy

Anyone who’s watched Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors play basketball knows the team makes the game fun.

Curry is an absolute assassin on the court, but he gets buckets in a playful, almost joyous type of way.

It’s this concept of playing the game with joy that head coach Steve Kerr has tried to impress upon his team, playing off Curry’s natural disposition.

Curry and Kerr both touched on the importance of playing with joy in a dope feature with GQ:

“I’m sure that Coach Kerr never thought he’d be cool with letting somebody shoot from 35 feet out without thinking about it,” Curry says. “But he respects emotion, and he’s made playing with joy one of our core principles as a team.”


Kerr confirms this, saying, “From the beginning, I wanted Steph Curry’s joy, and the individuality that represented, to spread throughout this organization.”

Warriors owner Joe Lacob infamously boasted that the team was “light years ahead” of the curve, but in actuality, the Warriors might be on to something.

There’s no shortage of research that has found that joyful activities lead to greater productivity and achievement.

It seems that the Warriors are putting a premium on joy, and you really can’t argue with the results.

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