Stephen Jackson: Already in Great Shape For Next Season

Thanks to a new diet, hot yoga and cardio, Stephen Jackson’s feeling better than ever: “‘The older I get, the more I got to take care of myself,’ said Stephen Jackson. ‘So I stopped eating fried foods, stopped eating fast food. It’s starting to help; I’m getting more energy. I wish I had known that when I was young, but sometimes it takes injuries and stuff to realize how hard you have to work. And I think me having a hamstring injury last year was a blessing in disguise for me, and it’s starting to pay off…I feel great. I mean, it’s the best I’ve felt since I’ve been in the NBA. Like B.J. said, I feel like I’m in San Antonio again, as far as weight-wise and body-wise. I just feel great. I just want to continue to stay on top of it and be ready to play… I finished last season at 243. I’m 225 now.'”