Stephen Jackson Calls Out Serge Ibaka

by December 08, 2012

by Ryne Nelson / @slaman10

Late in the fourth quarter of OKC’s 114-108 win over the Lakers last night, Serge Ibaka and Metta World Peace locked elbows and sustained prolonged death stares beneath the basket. A double technical was called, and no one overreacted.

Following the game, MWP’s former teammate, Stephen Jackson, who has come to the defense of Metta World Peace before, promised to go in “Abaka’s [sic] mouth” if the big man walks up on him again:

Stak5 clarified his tweet this morning, posting to his Instagram: “my ibaka comment had nothing to do with Ron artest. Last 2 times we played he ran up on me and i told him in the game next time u run up on me im going in ya mouth. Im speaking for myself. For u all who wanna jump to conclusions.”

It’ll be interesting to see if David Stern has anything to say about this.