Stephen Jackson Doesn’t Mind Spending Money on Technical Fouls

by November 06, 2012

San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson would never back down from anyone on the court, even if it ends up hurting his bank account. Jackson says he has saved enough money over the years to cushion the blow. Per the Express-News: “Jackson, who scored 12 points in the Spurs’ 101-79 victory over the Pacers at the AT&T Center, was traded to the Warriors midway through the 2006-07 season after an incident at an Indianapolis area strip club and a subsequent in-game confrontation with then-Pacers coach Rick Carlisle. He calls it one of the most important times of his career. ‘I think those two incidents I had in Indiana kind of made me grow up faster and get back to being a humble Jack and appreciate the game more,’ Jackson said. ‘I think a little bit more now before I react, when I’m on and off the court, from being there. But I think I learned my worth there. Going there and getting my first big contract taught me a lot about getting the confidence to be a good player and the guy I am on the court.’ Jackson earned two technical fouls in the first three games but insisted he had not forgotten to think before reacting in those instances. ‘I thought about those techs,’ he said. ‘I got fouled the second time (against Utah) and the other time, (Oklahoma City’s Serge) Ibaka was running his mouth a little too much. I will never get disrespected by nobody. I’m going to go out a man. If I get disrespected, I’m going to get a tech. Point-blank.’ Though NBA fines start at $2,000, Jackson isn’t concerned. ‘I’ve saved up a lot of money the last 13 years,’ he said. ‘I’m good. I’m a man first. Before you disrespect me, I’m going to spend some money. I ain’t tripping on that. But you’re going to respect me.'”