Stephen Jackson Goes After Chandler Parsons, Says ‘I’ve Been Better Than U and Still Is’

Stephen Jackson just came with the verbal sucker punch right to Chandler Parsons face. Jackson blames David Fizdale’s firing on Parsons, going after him in two separate Instagram posts.

In the first post, he captioned the photo with:

S/O Coach Fizdale u can’t want it more than the players u coach. Can’t go to war with no soldiers. How u expect him to win with no dogs on his team and PG hurt. Fixed fight if u tell me. Fire chandler Parsons. #GBG Truth Hurts.

Then when Parsons responded, he posted a screenshot of it.

He captioned that photo with:

This is not a beef. I have passion for the game and I Love this game. I hate to see it not appreciated. I hate to see a good coach get fired bkuz he cares more than the players. Facts. All basketball players ain’t kool I can count my NBA Real brothers on my hands. Facts. Not a yes man. #GBG it ain’t just him. It a lot that don’t care. Respect it or check it. Love to all. Get healthy though @chandlerparsons. 🤔

Parsons hasn’t ever had a healthy season. His career high for games played is 76, in 2013-14, his second year in the League. He played in only 34 games last year for the Grizzlies after signing a $94-million contract last summer.

The Grizzlies are in the midst of an eight-game losing streak and they fired their head coach, David Fizdale, yesterday.

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