Stephen Jackson May Be Shut Down

by March 25, 2011

Jackson isn’t exactly a fan of the idea of sitting out the remainder of the year due to a left hamstring strain. The Charlotte Observer reports: “If the Charlotte Bobcats want Stephen Jackson to sit, they’re going to have to make him sit. Coach Paul Silas said it was a ‘distinct possibility,’ following a 111-88 loss to the Indiana Pacers, that Jackson could be shut down for the season. Jackson looked shocked when told that, and said despite the debilitating effects of a left hamstring strain, he’s against it. ‘If they shut me down the rest of the season, it’s their decision,’ said Jackson, the Bobcats’ leading scorer this season. ‘It won’t be mine.’ That wasn’t strident, but it was firm. Jackson wants to keep playing, even as the Bobcats’ playoff chances fold.”