Stephen Jackson Wouldn’t Mind Finishing Career in San Antonio

by August 23, 2012

Journeyman Stephen Jackson, who has played on seven different NBA teams, says in an ideal world, he would love to finish his career with Gregg Popovich and Co. But the 34-year-old Jackson also knows—perhaps better than most—that, first and foremost, this is a business. Via a Q+A in the BeaumontEnterprise: “Q: What was the experience like going back to the Spurs this year? A: It was a blessing. When I left (in 2003) it was kind of sour because we had just won a championship and I wanted to go back. But the contract and business part didn’t work. But going back this time was extra sweet to be back with the team I won a championship. Q: How much longer do you envision playing? A: I don’t know. If things work out in San Antonio I wouldn’t mind finishing my career there. But you know it’s a business and I’m one of those guys that doesn’t mind going to play somewhere else. I’ve been on seven different teams.”