Stern Names Kevin Love All-Star Reserve

by February 05, 2011

This may be the first of many All-Star selections for Kevin Love. And, hopefully, it won’t take an injury to get him on the team next time. “Timberwolves forward Kevin Love received a hug and a playful headlock from his coach and an All-Star Game invitation from his commissioner 38 minutes before his team’s 111-100 loss at Toronto on Friday night. Snubbed on Thursday in the Western Conference coaches’ voting for the game’s seven reserve spots, Love was rewarded on Friday by David Stern, who chose him to replace injured Houston center Yao Ming. ‘I was totally shocked, I had absolutely no idea,’ Love said. ‘I’m truly humbled. I’m truly blessed. It’s a goal of mine my whole life, and I’ve reached it. I was very happy.'”