Steve Kerr on Loss to Pistons: ‘Has to do With a Complete Lack of Focus, Fundamentals’

The Pistons handed the Warriors a 115-107 loss last night and Steve Kerr held no punches in his postgame comments.

From The Athletic:

“This has nothing to do with trying to be unselfish,” Kerr said. “This has to do with a complete lack of focus, fundamentals. We’re throwing the ball all over the place. Some passes are just hitting guys in the shoes, even when they’re not turnovers. It’s focus and execution.”

The Warriors, now 4-3, had 25 turnovers, resulting in 31 points for Detroit. They’re averaging a league-worst 18.4 turnovers a game.

“You give a team 16 more shots and they only win by eight, that goes back to the turnovers,” Kevin Durant said, via The Athletic. “We keep the ball in our hands and get shots up, you know if we’re shooting 57 percent, 60 percent of those shots may go in if we get them up every time down.”

Turnovers have the plagued the Dubs during their reign as the NBA’s elite team. Last season they averaged 14.8 turnovers per game, putting them in the bottom third of the League. And in the season that they lost the Finals, Stephen Curry threw an ill-advised behind-the-back pass in Game 7.