Steve Kerr: Warriors’ Biggest Challenge is Complacency

by September 08, 2017

According to head coach Steve Kerr, the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors’ greatest concern heading into the 2017-18 campaign, is growing bored with their dominance.

The Dubs must fight against the complancency that can harm a squad that’s made three consecutive trips to the Finals.

Kerr shook off a lingering back injury long enough to lead Golden State to its second title in June, but he’s not quite out of the woods yet health-wise.

Per CSN Bay Area:

“The biggest challenge is complacency,” Steve Kerr told Marcus Thompson of The Athletic. “We’ve been to the Finals three years in a row. And for our core group, I guess that would be four or five guys — Shaun (Livingston) and Andre (Iguodala), Steph (Curry), Klay (Thompson), Draymond (Green) — that’s a long haul and you just cannot lose your edge in this league.


“You know, defensively we’ll be keeping a close eye on our numbers and our intensity and our fundamentals. We’re not going to let them slide. And yet, human nature is to let your guard down a little bit with success.


“So, we have to be aware of that, the coaching staff, and we can’t disregard that … that’s the balance we’ve got to find.”

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