Steve Nash: Owners and Players Being ‘Selfish’ in Lockout

by November 03, 2011

Steve Nash admits that both sides are being greedy and selfish, but says there’s a point to it all, despite fans’ understandable anger and frustration. From the Arizona Republic: “You have two wealthy sides arguing over percentage points,’ Nash said. ‘It’s hard for fans to understand that this is a business. I don’t blame them. If I were in their shoes, I’d be critical, frustrated or even angry. You just want to see the game you love. Both sides are arguing for inevitably selfish reasons, but also for what’s right when they are gone. It’s a big mess.’ A new collective-bargaining agreement, which could last 10 years, won’t benefit the 37-year-old much. The 30 days of season that have been canceled would cost Nash $2 million in salary if no days are restored. He said his loyalty is to future players. The players union reportedly has fractures, but Nash contends it is solid. ‘It’s strange, because it’s never been the most stable group,’ Nash said. Nash’s future in Phoenix remains a constant topic because of his age and the Suns’ decline. A September retweet by Nash sparked more speculation. writer Bill Simmons had a Twitter rant that included criticism of Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver for his role in the lockout. One Simmons tweet stated, ‘Sarver overpaid for team, spent last few years slicing $$$$ and turned Suns fans against him. Not he wants to blow up the system? Go away.’ Former Suns guard Jason Richardson tweeted attention to the ‘good points,’ and Nash retweeted that. It was taken as defiance. ‘Robert and I will have to have a nice talk to clear the air when this is over,’ Nash said. ‘I have nothing personal against Robert. I know I appear critical of him by retweeting that. But when we go back to work, I’m a Phoenix Sun through and through. Right now, I’m on the other side of the table from him. We have fans criticizing us every day and owners making us out to be the bad guys. At some point, you want to make sure your point of view is expressed.'”