Steve Nash Reminds Doc Rivers of Muhammad Ali

by January 20, 2012

Wait, what?! Here’s Doc Rivers comparing Steve Nash to the legendary boxer. From the Boston Herald: “Steve Nash has been so good for so long that he nearly defies description. But Doc Rivers provided an interesting comparison for the two-time MVP, who will be at the Garden [tonight] with the Suns. ‘With Nash, you don’t know what he is. You don’t know if he’s score-first, you don’t know if he’s pass-first,’ Rivers said. ‘He reminds me of (Muhammad) Ali. Where every fight (you ask), is he going to do the rope-a-dope, is he dancing – you don’t know what he’s doing. George Foreman said, ‘Mentally, the guy just beat me before the game starts. He has game plans.’ That’s what Nash is. Honestly, as a staff we had a debate today, which one would rather have him: scoring or passing. And it was split. You don’t know which one you’d rather have him do. I know passing if the other guys are missing shots. I know scoring means he’s probably going to score so I would guess I’d have him do the other one. I’m not sure.'”