Steve Nash Says by ‘Eye Test’ Stephen Curry is the Greatest Shooter Ever

by June 02, 2015

Future Hall of Famer Steve Nash was one of the best shooters to ever play in the NBA. And while some may point to Nash as the best shooter ever, the Canadian PG says you can bring all the statistics you want into the argument, but by the sheer “eye test,” it’s this year’s MVP Stephen Curry who is the GOAT when it comes to shooting the ball.

From Ric Bucher at Bleacher Report:

Nash has no problem conceding the title to Curry.


“The only pause I have is from fear of being ignorant,” he said. “Am I missing someone? Does he need to play longer or do it longer? Does he have to do it in the playoffs more years? But my first reaction is, ‘Why not?’ He’s as good as anyone I can think of on every level—pure shooting, array of shots, percentage, getting hot, plays to the end—he checks all the boxes.”



“Consistency,” Nash said. “Can someone consistently make shots, night in and night out, year after year? That’s the true mark of a player. You could break it down a lot of ways, but that’s the bottom line. How rare are off nights? There are certain guys, they shoot the ball, you always think it’s going in. Steph is able to seamlessly get his feet down, gather his weight between his feet and go up in the air and shoot it in rhythm as if he’d just been standing there, caught it and shot it.


“Truly, from the eye test, he’s the greatest there’s ever been.”