Still here, still

By Sam Rubenstein

The need4sheed is hosting the latest carnival of the NBA, and they’ve got links up to most of the big NBA bloggers. They even link back to us. One correction though: Our location is going to be the same, even if it fools you for now. will be our permanent home. I love how the cartoon Big Ben face is crossed out. It’s kind of like the first Capone-N-Noreaga album where the one guy in the photo is cut out and it says “Traitor” in his place. Yeah, it’s just like that.
I want to mention this new post from Maverick Moneyball, which suggests the hilarious inevitability of Texas native Kenyon Martin winding up with Dallas. I think he’s the one player that makes more money than Mark Cuban without actually playing basketball.

Baron Davis and Paul Pierce got some stars together for a charity game, including Reggie Bush, T.O., and Snoop Dogg. This being a Baron Davis event, the two teams combined to attempt 106 threes. I’m not exaggerating.

Ray Allen’s got to go somewhere, right? Dallas? What about Dallas? Dallas anyone? Ah… the rumor mill. It’s July 10th.

The NBA has become a GQ league, or at least that’s what Sternbot is pushing for. This is how GQ repays that brand loyalty. If you’re too lazy to click on that link and read the story, it’s about groupies.