Story Behind the ‘Melo’s People of Utah’ Ad

by April 22, 2010

You’ve surely seen the spot a number of times by now, and the Denver Post caught up with Anthony and asked him to explain the thinking behind it: “You like it, think it’s funny?’ That was Carmelo Anthony’s first question when the topic of his TV ad came up. The Nuggets star teamed up with Nike’s Jordan Brand to air a creative albeit confusing commercial, which has aired during the Denver-Utah series. It is like a political ad, promoting the greatness of one Carmelo Kiyan Anthony — the catch is, it’s seemingly sponsored by ‘the fans of Carmelo Anthony in Utah.’ Denver’s all-star forward talked about the ad Wednesday. Asked about its purpose, Melo said: ‘To make it seem like all the fans in Utah are rooting for me. It’s just stirring some stuff up. If we had played Phoenix, it would be the same thing.’Turns out the ad was made to rile the fans. Asked how he thinks the fans will react to him in Game 3, Melo said: “Of course, they’ll boo me … It’s the playoffs.”‘