Sweep Ends Dwight Howard’s Foul-Plagued Series

by April 27, 2010

In four games against the overmatched Bobcats, Dwight was kicked out due to foul trouble twice. It was a frustrating experience for Howard, the team, and of course his coach. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “They really needed a referee at the end to get between Dwight Howard and coach Stan Van Gundy. I joke, of course. Howard had fouled out Monday night in the close-out game for the second time in the series, ending the most frustrating period of his professional career. Van Gundy, always coaching, felt Howard could have done something different defensively on the play against Raymond Felton. Van Gundy probably would want to have back that exchange with his superstar, but that’s who he is. He coaches until the final whistle, no matter the score. Howard knows this from all the years of  Van Gundy in his ears, but that was a tipping point after four games of hearing whistles, fouling out twice, and he needed to vent. Happens more than you think. But Howard needs to appear regularly as the series moves on, likely against the Atlanta Hawks.”