T-Mac: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

by February 25, 2010

Color me absolutely shocked by these admissions: “T-Mac, so brassy in Friday’s introductory press conference, lowered his own expectations following his tentative six-point, eight-shot outing in Boston Tuesday, reshifting his goals to staying healthy rather than being the Knicks’ leading man. The Knicks are 0-3 with McGrady in the lineup. ‘This is just all about trying to get myself back, getting up and down the court, being able to finish this year out,’ said McGrady, who is averaging 15.7 points in three games. ‘It’s really not about my results. This is about physically and mentally getting through this season …  ‘These guys are full fledged in shape,’ McGrady said. ‘They have almost a full season on me. They got the rhythm. I’m trying to get that on the fly.’ McGrady said it won’t be till next season when he’s “100 percent,” and that he feels he is two weeks away from being in game shape.”