Technically Speaking: The Apple iPad

by Drey Wingate / @ProStatus85

What’s good young world? I know it’s been a minute since I’ve told y’all what’s going on in the tech game, so my bad for making you guys wait so long. In this post I decided to let everybody know what the 411 is on the new Apple iPad. Check it out…

I’m a gadget geek; everybody that knows me knows that. I’m the guy that switches phones damn near every month and is always looking for something fresh to upgrade to. With that being said, I don’t know what took me so long to give in to Apple. I have come to the conclusion that Apple products are like this year’s national champs, the Kentucky Wildcats: you’ve got everything you need. Speed, quality and a winning attitude. You can’t go wrong with any of that.

At first I was just a big fan of the iPod. I couldn’t go anywhere without it. I was a Blackberry user for years, and still got love for the BB; we had been through a lot together, but once I copped an Iphone 4S it was curtains for everything else. Once I got used to the navigation, checked out all the applications and got a taste of the high definition video and amazing camera quality, I asked myself, “What the hell took me so long?” The truth is with this piece, I literally have access to everything I need.

I then decided to go deeper into the production of the late great Steve Jobs and see what the big hoopla was about the new iPad. Seems like the iPad 2 just came out, so like everybody else I wanted to see what the big difference was between the two. The new iPad has a crazy retina display I’ve never seen before. Every image seems like it is brought more to life. If you are someone who likes to read you would most definitely be satisfied with the razor sharp text display. This new iPad offers a lot more detail, it’s almost like you’re inside the joint yourself. With the newly added A5X chip with quad core graphics, the new retina display has 2048-by-1536 resolution, 44 percent greater color saturation, and 3.1 million pixels. That is said to be four times the number of pixels the iPad 2 had and a million more than an HDTV.

In addition to that you have the 5 MP iSight camera with brighter color and more editing options for the user, and the choice of also having stupid fast 4G LTE capability. Even with these new features you still have the sturdy 10-hour battery life the iPad is known for.

Like the previous two models, the new iPad comes with Wi-Fi capability. You can get a Wi-Fi connection just about anywhere you go and the iPad will automatically find it. These models start at 499, and come in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb. For some consumers this model alone would be enough, but as always there’s more to offer.

The models which include Wi-Fi plus the 4G keep you connected to the internet with celluar data if in fact you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. So if you’re like me, always on the go, it would not be a bad idea to pay extra for this feature. The service is sold separately but you don’t need a contract. Your rate is determined by who your cell service is through.

So the next time you’re on the road or planning a trip through the clouds, consider taking a trip to your local retailer and take a look at the new iPad. For hoop fans that don’t like missing news, games and highlights, invest and be impressed. Until next good people, signing off, ya boy Pro Status.