Ted Leonsis on the Arenas/Wall Partnership

by July 21, 2010

Leonsis, the new owner of the Wizards, says Gilbert and John will work well together, with Wall adding “years to Gilbert’s career.” DC Sports Bog has the transcript from Ted’s radio interview:  “Obviously our franchise player is Gilbert Arenas: he’s been injured for a couple of years, and he was suspended last year. I’ve reached out to Gilbert and I find Gilbert to be a very authentic, warm, nice guy. And he’s certainly a very talented player, and we’re gonna be in it together. I have his back, and he’s been working out really really hard over the summer.  We will have a good professional relationship. He knows what we’re trying to build and he wants to be a part of it. It’s a great city, it’s a great ban base, and I think we’re gonna build a very very competitive team very quickly.’ Then Rome asked whether Gilbert’s role will need to change, and Leonsis repeated his contention that the Wizards will have one of the best backcourts in the NBA. He also said Gilbert’s role will change for the better. ‘I think John Wall will add years to Gilbert’s career,” he said. “He’ll lug the ball up, he’ll run. Gilbert is a great shooter, Gilbert goes hard to the rim….John has great physicality and off the chart basketball IQ, and great players want to play with great players, so I think this was a great thing for Gilbert Arenas and his career, and I also think that Gilbert understands that he has to perform and step up. The best way to re-bond with the fan base is to come in happy and healthy and be a really really highly functioning trusted teammate and be very very coachable. And my bet is Gilbert can be all of that.”‘