Thabo Sefolosha Says NYPD Arrest Damaged His Reputation

Thabo Sefolosha said the incident with Manhattan police has taken a toll on his family and damaged his reputation. Sefolosha and teammate Pero Antic were arrested outside of a New York City nightclub in April for allegedly interfering with police at the stabbing scene of Pacers forward Chris Copeland.

Sefolosha maintains that he suffered season-ending leg injuries at the hands of the police and is refraining from commenting on the incident itself until he appears in court on June 16.

From ESPN:

ATLANTA — Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha, who has blamed Manhattan police for the season-ending leg injuries he suffered during his April arrest in the city, told ESPN on Friday that the incident, in addition to carrying a physical toll, has damaged his reputation.


“I was injured in the hands of the police, and it took away a lot from my everyday life,” Sefolosha said during an interview at his home. “From being able to help put the kids in bed, going up and down the stairs.


“We are talking about the stress that it has brought to the entire family, you know, my mom and dad in Switzerland, my brothers and sisters, my wife. Also, the damage to my reputation. I’ve had people texting me about what they saw in the newspaper and things like this. Every aspect of my life was affected by something like this, and I think putting light on the aftermath of something like this, I think that’s also something that’s important.”