The :07 Seconds or Less Suns are Back

by November 11, 2009

Phoenix is running and gunning again, and more importantly, they’re winning at a clip that has stunned just about everyone: “Gentry has the Suns back playing that fun, exciting, up-tempo offense again. His Suns are tied with the Celtics for the best record in the NBA at 7-1. His Suns lead the NBA in scoring (110.87), field-goal percentage (50.2.1%) and three-point shooting (47.1). ‘We’re back to basically doing what we did,’ said Gentry, referring to the seven seconds or less offense the Suns ran under former Phoenix Coach Mike D’Antoni. ‘We put in a couple of spins that I thought would help our team personally. But for the most part, we’re doing what we did.’ Gentry still allows his players to take quick but good shots. He has given point guard Steve Nash complete autonomy to run the offense, and Gentry simplified everything on offense and defense.”